What are the anchoring requirements?

The compactor should be anchored to concrete pad using a minimum of four (4) 3/4" x 6" long anchor bolts.These bolts can be secured to concrete pad using "Porok" or special concrete anchors. It is best if these holes are drilled in the concrete after prelocating the compactor in its desired location. Holes in the leg plates are 1-5/16" Dia. to permit the use of a 1-1/8" Dia. concrete bit. The 1-1/8" Dia. holes in the concrete should be approximately 5" deep. When the compactor has been permanently located, shimmed to compensate for unevenness, and anchor bolts set, tighten all nuts securely. Optional container guides should be anchored in an identical manner, spacing between guides determined by rail spacing of the container.