What optional controls are available for Marathon compactors?

The following are some of the optional controls for all Marathon compactors. Contact the factory for cutomize products:


SUSTAINED MANUAL PRESSURE CONTROL BUTTON (Hold-To-Run, Release-To-Stop) - This option requires the compactor operator to remain at the push button station while the compactor is in use. Actuation requires depressing the "Hold-To-Run" and "Start" buttons. After the unit has started, the "Start" button is released. If the "Hold-To-Run" button is released, the unit will stop instantly.


CONTAINER FULL LIGHT - When the light is on, the container is full and is ready to be emptied before its next use. To deactivate the light, depress the illuminated emergency stop button. (The unit will not run while the light is on.)


ADVANCE WARNING LIGHT - When the light is on, the container is nearing the full level and a pick up call should be made. At this time 200 PSI is left before the pressure switch is activated to shut the unit off and container is full. (Unit will run with light on.)


RAM STOP FORWARD - When a machine with this option has been stopped, the ram automatically begins to move rearward when restarted. To reverse the ram while it is stopped, depress the key switch. The ram will retract and then go forward.


CYCLE TIMER - This option is used when more than one cycle is desired. The factory setting is for three strokes (adjustable).


ACCESS INTERLOCK - This is optional with units equipped with doors, chutes, or access gates. It prevents the unit from operating while a door or gate is open.


PHOTOELECTRIC CYCLE CONTROL - Consists of a LED light source and a reflector. It can be mounted on a hopper or chute. Two holes, located so as to prevent any hazard, are located in opposite walls of the chute. When the light beam is blocked for 15 seconds, the compactor is activated and will continue to run until the obstruction has been cleared.


AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN - Used with the photoelectric cycle control. This option has a timer that can be set up to 30 minutes. If a blockage in the charge chamber causes the compactor to continue cycling, the timer will shut the compactor down after the preset time has passed. To deactivate the timer, the illuminated pushbutton is pressed after clearing the blockage.


THERMOSTATICALLY CONTROLLED OIL HEATER - This option is installed in the oil reservoir. The thermostat can be adjusted so the heater will heat the oil when the oil temperature goes below the preset level.


JOG CONTROL STATION - This control station is located on the compactor on the discharge end. When the container is to be emptied, the driver inserts a key and switches the compactor to "Bypass" mode so that the charge box can be cleared. The jog control station also has an OFF position so that all compactor controls can be deactivated while the container is being emptied.