Solar-Hybrid Compactors

Solar-Hybrid Compactors

Marathon is committed to providing waste compaction solutions that meet the global sustainability needs of our customers by offering products such as our Solar Hybrid Compactor. With each new product, we have made measurable strides in reducing energy and fuel consumption while continuing to offer superior product performance.

Our line of Green Built solar-hybrid compactors is a first in the industry. These models compact refuse using power of the sun for true independence from the power grid and its associated costs.

Our solar-hybrid models connect to the power grid as a backup that automatically switches when necessary. They use less energy than conventional power units, and the batteries recover as the compactor continues to be available for operation.



  • Unlimited throughput capacity made possible by backup power from 120 AC electrical hookup
  • Automatically switches to electrical grid when needed 
  • Compaction performance is comparable to standard units
  • No 3-phase power required
  • Power is stored in either 2 or 4 premium deep cycle batteries, depending upon model
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable, all-temperature hydraulic fluid
  • Additional solar panel packages available for increased “green cycles”


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Solar Hybrid Compactors Brochure