Torxx™ Kinetic Pulverizer

The revolutionary Torxx™ Kinetic Pulverizer material reduction technology leaves shredders and grinders behind. The Torxx™ KP has three key advantages over conventional shredders, grinders and hammer mills: Exceptional Versatility, Efficient and Flexible Reduction, Superior Reliability and Longevity.

A Complete Circle of Strength

Using advanced aerodynamics, Torxx™ Kinetic Pulverizer generates multiple vortices within an internal chamber to induce through matter-on-matter impact and size reduction. This large, rugged machine employs a 500 hp electric motor to drive a spinning shaft with arms at high speeds. Feedstock pulverizes itself in the powerful air currents created.

Rounding out the strengths of the Torxx™ Kinetic Pulverizer are numerous safety features, performance-monitoring sensors and an easy-to-use control panel enabling one-person operation.



Drive Power – 500 hp, three-phase AC motor power with VFD

Throughput – 10-30 tons per hr depending on feedstock and output size

Feed Opening – Top fed, width dependent on input conveyor, can handle conveyors as wide as 54”

Drum Height – 7.5 feet, input hopper can add 3-7 feet


Uses for Torxx™ Kinetic Pulverizers:

Burn it Brighter – Torxx™ for Waste to Energy

Improve reaction kinetics for faster, cleaner, more complete combustion and higher heating values. The Torxx™ Kinetic Pulverizer optimizes subsequent burning by reducing combustible materials to smaller particles with increased surface-to-volume ratios and lower moisture content.

The Torxx™ Difference:

  • Process municipal solid waste, construction, and demolition waste and/or biomass either singly or in combination.
  • Increase bed-mixing coefficients with smaller, more homogeneous particles to reduce retention time and minimize ash creation.
  • Use less primary combustion air to reduce flue gases and minimize associated pollution control costs.
  • Process pallets, railway ties and other metal-containing feedstocks with less risk of incurring unit damage, downtime and servicing costs.


Preserve the Goodness - Torxx™ for Composting

Unlock the value of organic material currently going to waste in landfills. The Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer supports the efficient conversion of organics into nutrient ruch compost for restoring soils, cutting greenhouse emissions and decreasing chemical fertilizer use.

The Torxx™ Difference:

  • Pulverize sharps such as glass and plastics contaminating organics to improve the quality and value of the resulting compost.
  • Quicken curing by reducing organics to smaller particles with increased surface area exposure.
  • Optimize blending of food waste, yard waste and other organics to increase porosity and free airspace, support recipe creation and create engineered end products.
  • Break feedstocks down quickly to speed composting and blend different feedstocks to increase revenues.


Recycle the Build – Torxx™ for Construction & Demolition

Give construction and demolition waste such as asphalt shingles and waste wood a second life. The Torxx™ Kinetic Pulverizer transforms waste materials into revenue-generating materials for re-use in secondary markets.

The Torxx™ Difference:

  • Pulverize asphalt shingles to a variety of sizes, including powder size, for use in the manufacture of asphalt pavement.
  • Process asphalt shingles in a single pass through to increase output, lower energy consumption and reduce wear on parts.
  • Right size the reduction of construction-related wood, feedstock, to meet a variety of new uses as fuel in waste-to-energy conversion, as yard cover, etc.
  • Process the toughest mix of post-construction and demolition materials efficiently and reliably.


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Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer