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Back-of-Store Connected Asset Solutions From Marathon Equipment.

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Backed by the best compactors and balers, plus the innovative Connected Collections® digital strategy, you can focus on the front of the store and leave the back to us.

Asset Management

  • Availability and predictability of assets
  • Preventative Maintenance & Service Agreements
  • Extended Warranty options
  • OEM Parts
  • Marathon® Certified Remanufacturing with the same warranty as new

Waste Metering

  • Right product in the right bucket
  • Traceability and control of recycling material
  • Enterprise tracking for sustainability goals and measurement
  • Reduce contamination


  • Ensure you have the right equipment
  • Pick up when full and not early. Minimize disposal costs
  • Remote fullness monitoring & bale weight monitoring
  • Maximize recycling revenue

Focus on the front of the store, we’ve got the back.

The ultimate solution for peace of mind, efficiency, and productivity.

Marathon provides a full suite of value-added needs.

  • New and Marathon Certified Remanufactured compactors and balers, digital connectivity, and waste stream monitoring to minimize your waste-related expenses and maximize recycling revenue.
  • Digital connectivity enables asset monitoring, assists with predictive maintenance, and connection to hauler operations.
  • Partnership with Marathon supports your long-term sustainability objectives – and provides documentary evidence of your performance.

All the information you need at the tips of your fingers.

Eye-Site provides a complete dashboard view of the waste and recycling programs for your entire enterprise.

Powerful Suite of Options Custom-Tailored to Your Specific Requirements


You have great options for equipment acquisition, either a new Marathon compactor or baler, or get a Marathon Certified Remanufactured Product backed by the same warranty of a new Marathon product.

Our multiple extended warranty options, preventive service and maintenance programs, OEM parts, and asset connectivity combine to optimize the performance of your equipment.

Digital connectivity monitors your assets to ensure predictive and condition-based equipment maintenance.  Eliminate the costs associated with unnecessary down time and service. Service only when needed and replace only when needed.

Got Cores? Trade In – Trade Up!

Through our Marathon Certified Remanufactured compactor and baler program, you can now establish a true closed-loop recycling process which not only includes your commodities, but also your equipment. The Marathon Certified Remanufactured program allows you to buy a factory-certified remanufactured product with the same warranty as a brand new one, and is your solution to optimizing recycling commodities AND equipment.

For more information on the Marathon Cores Program, contact your local dealer.

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