Dock cart dumpers and waste cart container lifters for trash compactors

marathon Trash Compactor Waste cart dumpers

The Smart, Cost-Effective Way to Compact

Marathon® Trash Compactor Waste Cart Dumpers can extend the benefits of compaction to all areas of your operation while minimizing equipment investments.

Our Standard Trash Compactor Cart Dumpers are designed to handle two-, three-, and four-cubic-yard “trainable” steel refuse containers or a wide variety of plastic-tilt trash carts in most sizes.

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3 Yr. Structure | 2 Yr. Parts | 1 Yr. Labor

Introducing The Marathon Compaction Solutions Warranty

Marathon Equipment is pleased to announce the release of our updated Warranty Coverage program. This warranty will take effect and be applicable on all products sold on or after June 1, 2021. Please note: this warranty plan is not retroactive to products sold prior to June 1, 2021. Our existing Signature Series® Warranty, Compactor Warranty, and Auger Warranties have been combined into a new Compaction Solutions Warranty. The Compaction Solutions Warranty includes 3-year structural warranty, 2-year part warranty, and 1-year labor warranty.


Purchasing Marathon trash compactors and balers through Sourcewell really simplifies the bidding process. All you have to do is get with a dealer, select your compactor or balers, we provide Sourcewell member pricing, and you simply issue a P.O.

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Dock-Level Dumpers

Dock-Level Dumpers are used to dump containers that are rolled directly onto a stationary compactor, or used with self-contained units next to a dock. They are ideal for industrial plants where waste accumulates in many locations. Standard units are powered by a separate 3-hp, 3-gpm power pack with on/off controls and a sustained manual pressure control. Heavy-duty units are powered by a 10-hp, 10-gpm power pack with the same controls as Standard Units. This enables the operator to effectively manage any stage of the dumping process.

Tilt-Cart Dumpers

Tilt-Cart Dumpers handle molded plastic tilt-trucks, steel carts, and Gaylord boxes. They are designed to hold the tilt-truck during dumping without the need for mechanical locks.

Ground-Level Dumpers

Ground Level Dumpers are used to dump containers at ground level into your stationary or self-contained compactor. They are ideal for park systems, shopping malls, and large or multi-building plants.

Fork-Style Dumpers

Marathon Fork-Style Dumpers handle carts/containers with integrated fork pockets.

OTHER  Marathon Cart Dumpers

RJ-250 With Integral Cart Dumper

Marathon RJ-250 Compactor with integral dumper for fork-style carts. For information on our Integral Dumpers, contact your Marathon Sales Representative.

Bayne Cart Lifter

Bayne Thinline Cart Lifters

Bayne® Thinline® cart lifters work with standard 2-bar roll-out carts and can lift up to 750 lbs. Lifter has a powder-coated finish so it can stand up to the elements.

cart dumper standard Features

For plastic and steel containers from .5 to 4.0 cubic yards

Reliable performance in commercial and industrial applications

Standard and heavy-duty models are available

Offered in a wide variety of configurations

Produces 60″ x 30″ x 48″ bale and features a dual-interlock on the bale chamber door

Multiple hopper configurations available, including three-sided, extra wide, and skid-steer hopper units

Optional above-ground or pit conveyors available

Marathon Cart Dumpers feature an advanced, simplified three-button control system. It is key-operated, fully automatic, and contained in a weatherproof NEMA 4 enclosure. Connected to the power pack with 13′ of conduit, the controls can be located for operator convenience.

Have Questions About Trash Compactor Cart Dumpers?

Contact your local Marathon Compaction team today to request a complimentary site survey.