Odor Control solutions for trash compactor Applications

The Marathon® Ozone Odor Control System electronically manages odors from trash compactor and disposal areas for a more pleasant environment. The system significantly reduces bacteria growth, and eliminates compacted garbage odor, prevents fermentation, and destroys pest-attracting odors.

Offensive trash odor in a refuse storage or pickup area can be a negative reflection on your business or facility. In addition the odor creates an unpleasant work environment for employees, and may cause complaints from neighboring businesses and residents, which may result in violations and fines from the local health departments. Most importantly, the odor can attract unwanted pests.

Marathon ozone-generating unit electronically eliminates odors from the compactor and disposal areas for a more pleasant environment, significantly reducing bacteria growth, and eliminating compacted garbage odor, preventing fermentation, and destroying pest-attracting odors.

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