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With more than 50 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, Marathon knows what you need to develop your business and satisfy your customers. In order to remain a strong partner for you, we provide many other offerings to you besides equipment:

Dedicated Sales Manager in Your Region Familiar with your market, available to make joint sales calls with you, and trained throughout the year about new equipment and industry issues.

The largest dedicated service staff in the industry, with field service support available.

Your Marathon Sales Manager can provide on-site training for your sales force with learning tools that includes Workbooks and illustrative Video Sessions.

Authorized Marathon Distributors and Haulers receive Equipment sales videos, operational product videos and complete product catalogs with four-color literature, product specifications, drawings, warranty and financing information, consultive worksheets, product manuals, and pricing.

To conform with or exceed all applicable industry standards (ie: UL, CUL, CSA, ANSI)

National advertising, equipment exhibits at major industry trade shows around the world, internal telemarketing staff, and an in-house literature department to respond to hauler and distributor sales material needs.


Is the Feed Opening (Clear Top) large enough to accommodate the largest items without bridging?

Is there sufficient volume of recyclable materials to warrant removing them from the waste stream? Recycling equipment or additional compaction equipment may be needed.

Does the installation comply with recommended ANSI standards? Is there a 42″ high barrier between the user and the charge box? Is there an access interlock switch on chute or hopper doors and gates? Is there a “momentary contact” control required?

Is adequate power available? Three or single phase?

s the compactor located for easiest use? Loading height? Can a hopper, doghouse (charge box enclosure) or cart dumping system improve convenience? Can value be added (building or employee security) by loading through the wall? Would an Ozone Odor Control System solve odor or pest control problems?

Does, or can, the waste flow to one central point?

Technical FAQ’s

Answer: While Marathon compactors and balers are built to withstand all elements and provide many years of reliable service, some weather environments can provide problems for your system. One particular case is flooding, caused by heavy rains and severe storms.

If your equipment experiences a high volume of exposure to water, especially if the unit is submerged, you must take precautionary steps to ensure that your equipment is in working condition before you resume operation.

The electrical system must be checked for water buildup in any junction boxes, Sealtite connections, or other places water might accumulate. Remove any water using absorption methods or low heat fans. After all water has been removed, check the wiring using a continuity meter to ensure that electrical connections are stable and working properly. Repair any connections that are damaged and replace any wiring or components that have become unsafe or unusable.

NOTE: Remember, the presence of water, an electrical conductor, can make electricity even more deadly. Please practice necessary Lock out/Tag out methods as outlined in your Operations, Maintenance, and Installation manual provided to you.

Your hydraulic system should be immediately checked if exposure to water occurs. A sample of the hydraulic fluid should be sent to a certified hydraulics center to be tested for contamination. If water is present in your system, cease operations until the fluid can be removed, the system flushed, and new AW 46 fluid in the correct amount is added to your equipment. Water can cause severe damage to all hydraulic components because of the variances in viscosity and density.

If you take these steps to ensure that your equipment has not been affected by the water exposure, you can be certain that your equipment will continue to provide reliable service.

We recommend one of the following:

A. Union- Unax-46, Unax-AW46 B. Gulf- Harmony 47, Harmony 48-AW C. Exxon- Teresstic 46, Nuto 46 D. Texaco- AW46 E. Shell- Turbo 46, Tellus 46 F. Quaker State- Dextron llA G. Citgo- Pacemaker 46, Tellus-AW46 H. Amoco-(Rycon)

Here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Check the hydraulic hoses that connect the power pack to the packer body and make sure they are hooked up
  • Check the disconnect. Is it on?
  • Press the reset button on the motor starter.
  • If the machine has a jog control switch verify that the key switch is in the “REMOTE” position.
  • If the Emergency Stop switch is a maintained push/pull switch, press and then pull to the out position.
  • Check fuses
  • Do you have voltage?

Here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Check to make sure the motor is rotating in the correct direction?
  • Make sure the pump shaft turning.
  • Make sure the hydraulic reservoir full of oil?