AST-320 stationary auger trash compactors with auger screw compaction

AST-320 stationary Single-Auger Trash Compactor

Marathon® AST-320 Stationary Single-Auger Trash Compactors are easy to use and maintenance-friendly. They have no hydraulics and fewer moving parts than conventional compactors. The auger delivers superior compaction, which results in fewer container pulls, and reduced facility traffic. The round opening holds material, which means less separation spillage than a conventional compactor.

The AST-320 Stationary Auger trash compactor can be installed directly at a dock door, eliminating the need to go outside, resulting in labor and forklift savings, increased productivity, and employee efficiency. This durable, high-performance auger will provide years of dependable performance.

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3 Yr. Structure | 2 Yr. Parts | 1 Yr. Labor

Introducing The Marathon Compaction Solutions Warranty

Marathon Equipment is pleased to announce the release of our updated Warranty Coverage program. This warranty will take effect and be applicable on all products sold on or after June 1, 2021. Please note: this warranty plan is not retroactive to products sold prior to June 1, 2021. Our existing Signature Series® Warranty, Compactor Warranty, and Auger Warranties have been combined into a new Compaction Solutions Warranty. The Compaction Solutions Warranty includes 3-year structural warranty, 2-year part warranty, and 1-year labor warranty.

a pallet’s worst nightmare

The heavy-duty construction of Marathon auger compactors makes them the perfect choice for tough waste such as skids, pallets, and wooden crates. Quick processing and superior volume reduction can save both time and money.

optional round opening container adapter

Marathon highly recommends using the optional Round Opening Container Adapter Plate. This option is quickly and easily added to a standard rectangular container opening, and helps to ensure clean container break-away with the least possible spillage of any stationary compactor.

AST-320 Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use and maintenance-friendly
  • Always moves material forward
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Eliminates all hydraulic oil
  • Materials will not build up behind the auger
  • Heavy-duty construction allows for the processing of materials such as skids and pallets

AST-320 stationary Single-Auger compactor standard Features

Easy to use and maintenance-friendly

Always moves material forward; Materials will not build up behind the auger

Whisper-quiet operation

Heavy-duty construction allows for the processing of materials such as skids and pallets

Eliminates all hydraulic oil

Bayne Cart Lifter


Equipped with an integral cart lifter, the AST-320 offers an economical and safety-conscious solution for a wide variety of waste material handling applications.

Bayne® Thinline® cart lifters work with standard two-bar roll-out carts and can lift up to 750 lbs. Lifters have a durable, powder-coated finish that can stand up to the elements.


The AST-320 is the perfect choice for applications requiring a tipper system. These tippers can extend the benefits of compaction to all areas of operation while keeping equipment investments to a minimum. Carts or containers can be located at individual waste generation sites within the operation, and then emptied into the compactor with the cart-tipper option.

SC2 Tipper System Applications

Compaction Options

The perfect configuration for your specific needs

Options are an essential part of virtually any compactor installation. Whether the options are for safety issues, convenience, operation efficiencies, or monitoring systems, waste-handling equipment can be fitted with a variety of customizable features to meet the demands of the application. Marathon compactor options include several categories such as: container-fullness measuring systems, usage-measurement systems, cycle-control systems, power pack options, odor-control systems, and steel options.

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