Shrink Your Disposal Costs With A Marathon® PreCrusher! Designed for bulky and difficult to handle refuse, Marathon Equipment's Garbage Precrushers pre-crushes waste products before compacting, resulting in reduced volume and bigger payloads.

Get 30% greater compaction results than with a standard compactor! A Marathon PreCrusher eliminates “light loads” of pallets, crates, large boxes, and drums that fill your container with air. The packing ram moves through the charge box with a high level of force that effectively crushes everything against the PreCrusher’s vertical steel wall. The wall is then raised and the ram fully extends, compacting the refuse into the attached container. Uniform compaction is achieved throughout the receiver container. Every stroke is a crushing compaction stroke. The results: Fewer Trips To The Landfill!

Common Applications For Pre-Crushers

  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Transportation Equipment Manufacturers
  • Large Distribution Centers
  • Appliance Manufacturers
  • Transfer Stations

Pre-Crushers Are Perfect For Handling

  • 55 Gallon Steel Drums
  • Wood Pallets
  • Wood Crates
  • Spools
  • Industrial Waste
  • White Goods
  • Turnings
  • Other hard to destroy materials

PreCrusher Features and Benefits

Powerful Ramjet® PreCrushers RJ-575 HD/PC RJ-450 HD/PC

  • High-Volume High-Force Crushing Ram: moves through the charge box, effectively crushing everything against the vertical steel wall. The wall is then hydraulically raised and the ram extends a full 13-inches (330mm) into the compaction container.
  • Guided Ram: supports and guides the packing ram, which reduces friction, improves compaction, and extends the life of the ram.
  • Vertical Steel Crushing Wall: while in the DOWN position, it serves as an effective crushing gate to eliminate “light loads” of material that would fill your container with air.
  • Self-Cleaning Gate: has a beveled design that prevents crushed materials from sticking to the door.
  • Low-Profile Design: enables the units to be shipped fully assembled.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: the charge box, sides, ram top, floor, and face plates are specially engineered for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Tongue and Groove Flooring: prevents thin materials from becoming trapped under the ram. Optional side tongue and groove also available.
  • Programmable Controller: standard on automatic units, the controller simplifies operation and eliminates many relays and limit switches.


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Marathon Pre-Crushers Product Brochure