Sourcewell Compactor & Baler Purchasing

Purchase your Marathon® Commercial Trash Compactor or Baler through Sourcewell

Sourcewell Government Purchasing has awarded Marathon® Equipment a nationally bid contract for “Waste & Recycling Compactors, Balers & Related Equipment”.

Through the Marathon® Contract (#041217-MEC), Sourcewell members can purchase any of Marathon's compactors or balers, without having to create an  RFP and send the project through a duplicate bid process. By using the existing nationally bid contract, Members can receive the products they need more quickly and cost-effectively.

Best of all, Sourcewell membership is free! Learn more about purchasing your Marathon® compactor or baler through Sourcewell by visiting their website.

To find out more about purchasing your commercial trash compactor or baler through the Marathon® Sourcewell contract, please contact your local Marathon representative.


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